Band T-Shirt: Update

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I would be putting together a new fanzine featuring all of my old band t-shirts. And whilst I’ve realised that I have actually thrown a bunch of awesome shirts away over the years, I am actually making progress. In fact, I’ve had a lightbulb moment… I was […]

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Music Tees

I’m currently putting together a new fanzine that features my collection of band t-shirts… This is one of the first music related t-shirts I remember wearing. My dad got it for me whilst he was working in the States and I was back home trying hard to skateboard, and even harder to get a girlfriend.

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Hairy Mouth | THREE

Read the brand new Hairy Mouth e-zine right now… Check out the latest issue of the Hairy Mouth e-zine. There’s loads of new music for you to discover from the likes of Speedy Ortiz and Sarah Siskind, plus there’s an interview with US indie-label Tiny Engines. What are you waiting for? READ IT NOW!!

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Hairy Mouth | TWO

I’ve just uploaded my second ONLINE ZINE featuring an interview with French band Alba Lua, guest words from music lover and good friend Naouel Zenaidi, and as always there’s a brilliant selection of awesome music for you to get stuck into. Click above to read or alternatively CLICK HERE. Please LIKE, SHARE and comment. Thanks!

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Band Of The Week: Big Fin

Southampton has never sounded so good. With a string of awe-inspiring UK and European live performances under his belt, Matt Reynolds, aka Big Fin, releases his highly anticipated debut EP Tether. His powerful blend of sharp guitar playing and layers of beautiful harmonies simply sound incredible. With songwriting that is both brutally honest, and delightfully […]

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Online Zine

Bored? Hungover? Need to listen to some new music? Good answer! I’ve been putting together these little music zines for a while now, and as the internet is pretty much the only thing people do anymore, I figured it would be a good idea to upload one to ISSUU. Have a flick through and let […]

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New Zine

My new zine is finished. I’ve only got a couple of copies at the moment, but if you would like one please get in touch and I’ll stick one in the post for you.

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Dark Times

I’m currently in the process of putting together another small, folded zine to help with my research for my FMP. I need to look at which types of paper photocopy well, what pens I can use, and whether-or-not I can get away with sticking stuff together using cheap ass glue. Plus it’s a bit of […]

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Hairy Mouth Zine

Here it is folks. The first official Hairy Mouth zine featuring band profiles on Haim, The 1975 and Pure Love. If you want one then send me your address and I will bang one in the post. And please feel free to recommend some bands to put in the next issue.

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