Indie music has taken a bit of a beating in the past. The word itself conjures up painful memories of bands like The Automatic being splashed across the pages of NME alongside a title that would suggest they are the best band in Britain.

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Leeds based Heart-Ships are being hailed as the new Wild Beasts, which is a pretty hefty comparison for a small band. But their Northern charm is certainly starting to make waves in the South, and with their sound infusion consisting of bands like We Are Augustians and The National, it’s easy to see why. You […]

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Wild Beasts are the perfect example of how good British music can be. Their unique sound is unmatched, and the standard of song writing is truly stunning. Have a listen to this previously unreleased track from the Kendal four-piece entitled, ‘Stray’.

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I think this blog post has been a long time coming, given the current state of the commercial music industry. Shit like THIS is gaining millions of fans world wide, whilst real musicians can barely support themselves to do what they love. And I know it’s all well and good me sitting here complaining about what I […]

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