Joey Fourr

The Tubelord frontman, and all round dude Joey Fourr has unleashed a new track entitled ‘SOAK’. Have a listen to the distortion filled, click-clack tune below, and why not download it for free!

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

So there might be a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album out in Spring 2013. That makes the need for the new year to come a little sooner rather than later. However in other, more upsetting news, Tubelord announced today that they will be playing a farewell show on the 31st December at TOBL. Which I […]

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Tubelord – Romance Kingston’s finest four-piece enter with ‘Over in Brooklyn’ which leads directly on from their debut. It’s hard hitting with catchy rhythms that crash into brilliantly bright vocals. This second LP is in some respects completely different to their previous, thanks to the introduction of keys, yet their unique songwriting still entertains and […]

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The Cold Is Creeping In

I woke up this morning shivering under my covers. Either I’m ill, or the cold is creeping in. Which ever it is, it doesn’t make me happy. What really makes me smile is listening to music and throwing some suggestions your way. Here is a list of bands that are currently keeping my mind off […]

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Tubelord’s second full-length, Romance, will be released on the 19th October. The track listing will be as follows: 1. Over In Brooklyn 2. Never Washboard 3. 4T3 4. Charms 5. Here Is Nothing 6. Go Old 7. My First Castle 8. Ignatz 9. Waterworld 10. In Greenland 11. Tidy Diggs

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After their last performance I’m feeling a little uneasy about the next release. Fingers crossed Tubelord are able to pull themselves together by the time the new record hits the shelves.

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