The Top 14 Songs Of 2014

You’ve seen our pick of the Best Albums of 2014, so now let’s take a look at some of the best songs… Lany – ‘Walk Away’ I still know next to nothing about this band, but I do know that their debut track, ‘Walk Away’ is probably one of the finest songs I’ve heard in […]

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Pre-Human Ideas

Washington-based musician Phil Elverum, aka Mount Eerie is the man behind this heavily auto-tuned remix-of-sorts entitled ‘Lone Bell’. The re-work of the bands original track features a distant waver of vocals that sounds far from human, and Elverum has manage to mould the song into a genre-less blend of horns and bass you’ll find truly immersive. […]

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No Shirt, No Shoes

The London-via-Ireland producer and musician Hubie Davison has released his sublime new track entitled ‘No Shirt, No Shoes’. Focusing mainly on a smooth minimal beat, this latest song features a limited, yet stunning arrangement of vocal glitches that have been balanced perfectly with a crisp, echoing guitar loop. His debut EP, I Won’t Be There will be […]

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Day 7: Bad Side

I’ve made it a full seven days without any music on my laptop. So to celebrate, I thought I’d share with you the findings of my week. Starting with my favourite genre of music; punk. It gives me great pleasure to welcome the gloriously loud Philadelphia-based five-piece, Bad Side… But it’s not all been bruises […]

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Day 5: Saint Rich

Delicate Steve bandmates Steve Marion and Christian Peslak have released the their first single entitled ‘Officer’ from their new project, Saint Rich. Check out the video below. The album Beyond The Drone is due out on the 13th September.

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Music Monday

Arriving home from 2000 Trees with a blistering headache and a finger the size of an apple doesn’t technically imply that I had a good time. But trust me I did. These guys were amazing. A mighty Music Monday if you ask me.

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Noyo Mathis

Those talented chaps from Noyo Mathis have just released a brand new song entitled ‘Double Smoke’ and it’s an absolute belter. Give it a listen now…

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Music Monday

Ex-Tellison member Ben Wood has got a brand new project on the go by the name of Yo’True. Have a listen to the brand new single entitled ‘The Dough’ and let us know what you think…

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