John Wizards

The Very Best meets Vampire Weekend. That’s right! Have a listen to the brilliant sound of John Wizard and become lost in the medley of beats, bass and voice. Simply wonderful! Advertisements

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The Very Best

The Very Best’s new album MTMTMK is already one of my favourite albums of 2012, and their incredible  UK debut performance at The Shaklewell Arms back in June was a highlight of my summer. Take a look at this stunning acoustic version of their track, ‘Kondaine’ and see why I love this band.

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The Very Best – MTMTMK Bringing together all the finest sounds of Westen hip-hop and traditional Malawian music, The Very Best have created a winning formula with MTMTMK. Add in a dash of playful pop undertones and it quickly becomes a record that will brighten even the dullest of summer days. 5/5 Dads – American Radass New Jersey […]

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Christmas Day

Every Christmas morning I wake up, hungover, make my way over to my laptop, plug in my speakers and play a song at a dangerously high volume. This year I played this. Last year I played this. And the year before I played this. Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas, and have an even […]

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