Have a listen to the Youth Lagoon-esc soundings of the brilliant FTHRSN (Father Son). You can download the new EP for free via their BANDCAMP, or alternatively you can purchase one of their limited edition tapes. Because tapes a rad!

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Have a listen to the stunning sounds of BRIGHT FUTURE. His full-length, From Earth With Blood has been carefully mixed on cassette and tuned to resonate at A= 432 hz. It’s due out in March and will be available on limited tape.


Reel-to-Reel DJ

Whilst doing some research for my F.M.P. I came across these two incredible videos featuring some insane reel-to-reel tape DJs from Latvia. Under Soviet rule the country was unable to acquire Western music, so some of these guys used to record songs straight from pirate radio stations onto their own tape. They would then use […]

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Plastic // Magnet

I had to pitch my FMP (Final Major Project) idea at university yesterday, and from what I can gather my tutor’s  liked it. The magazine is going to be entitled, Plastic // Magnet and will be all about cassette culture, both new and old. I don’t know why I’ve started collecting cassettes over the past […]

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Basement Tapes

Is the demand for cassettes more than just 80s nostalgia? As far as decades go, the 70s was a fairly outstanding one. Pong was invented, the Twin Towers were built, disco and punk had prevailed, and beards came back into fashion for the first time since the 19th Century. Up until this point, listening to […]

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