Swim Into Scarlet @ The Monarch

Swim Into Scarlet have been working very hard over the past year or so. They’re causing quite a stir up North, they’ve recorded and released an EP, and they’re slowing making waves in the capital. This is the bands second gig in London and a small crowd has gathered to see whats on offer. Bursting […]

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Swim Into Scarlet: Trophy Review

Swim Into Scarlet‘s Trophy EP perfectly demonstrates the creativeness these youngsters possess and shows you exactly why everyone is talking about this Cheshire band. Recorded in Leeds in a ram-shakled terrace, this debut will be released through Butter Bridge Records over the coming months. Opening track Deer Blood, is a dark and twisted welcoming to the record […]

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Swim Into Scarlet Interview

It has been almost a year since I last spoke to Crewe band Swim Into Scarlet and it’s safe to say that it has been a good one for them. 2010 saw the 5 piece enjoy the fruits of their labour and increase in popularity, playing gigs all across the North of England and making […]

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