One Month: Part One

It has been a month since I deleted all of the music from my laptop in the search of only new music… But firstly I must apologies for the lack of updates recently. After returning from my (incredible) holiday in Croatia, I then moved house (again), and only now am I finding the time to […]

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Day 14: Cocovan

It has been a fortnight since I deleted all of the music from my laptop, and if you thought that WEEK ONE was full of cracking new tunes, you’re gonna love this one. Shall we start with some upbeat electro-pop? That’s the happy-go-lucky sound of Paris born pop star in-the-making, Cocovan (pictured). She sounds a […]

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Day 7: Bad Side

I’ve made it a full seven days without any music on my laptop. So to celebrate, I thought I’d share with you the findings of my week. Starting with my favourite genre of music; punk. It gives me great pleasure to welcome the gloriously loud Philadelphia-based five-piece, Bad Side… But it’s not all been bruises […]

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Have a listen to the awesome sound of Hoodlem. There’s not a great deal to be found online about them, so we will just let the music do the talking.

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