Wednesday is perhaps my most hated day of the week. It sits there in the middle. Teasing me with how close the weekend is. Yet mocking my optimism by presenting me with two more (full) days of work.

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MusicInk: Making Music With Ink

Take a look at this incredible, interactive music making toy from the Italian design company MusicInk… “MusicInk is a project spawned from the idea of looking into the world of music teaching, creating a new way to understand music and interact with musical instruments.” If you watch the video below you’ll be able to see […]

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Day 14: Cocovan

It has been a fortnight since I deleted all of the music from my laptop, and if you thought that WEEK ONE was full of cracking new tunes, you’re gonna love this one. Shall we start with some upbeat electro-pop? That’s the happy-go-lucky sound of Paris born pop star in-the-making, Cocovan (pictured). She sounds a […]

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Day 11: Chet Faker

Today is World Beard Day, so let’s listen to some beardy music… He’s teamed up with the superb Flume in the past, and has produced a brilliant cover of Blackstreet’s massive tune, ‘No Diggity’, but now Chet Faker is focusing on his own material. With an album currently under construction, this new track entitled ‘Melt’ […]

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Day 9: Joy Wellboy

Hailing from Belgium, Joy Wellboy are a duo who create truly stunning indie-pop. ‘Lay Down Your Blade’ isn’t too dissimilar to the echoey, reverb drench sound of The XX, and this two-piece will certainly be turning heads over the coming months with the release of their debut album in September.

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Day 8: Man Man

Here’s some fun-loving indie music that is drenched with pop charm… Man Man may well be on the verge of releasing their fifth album, On Oni Pond but they are sounding fresher than ever. Have a listen to the cheeky sound of ‘Head On’ and try telling me you don’t love their sound…

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Day 6: Trentemøller

We had a cracking weekend of discovering some great new music, take a look for yourself (Three / Four / Five)… I aim to continue my quest of discovery with this brilliant new track from Trentemøller entitled ‘Never Stop Running’ taken from his new album Lost due out on the 23rd September.

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