Pre-Human Ideas

Washington-based musician Phil Elverum, aka Mount Eerie is the man behind this heavily auto-tuned remix-of-sorts entitled ‘Lone Bell’. The re-work of the bands original track features a distant waver of vocals that sounds far from human, and Elverum has manage to mould the song into a genre-less blend of horns and bass you’ll find truly immersive. […]

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Day 6: Trentemøller

We had a cracking weekend of discovering some great new music, take a look for yourself (Three / Four / Five)… I aim to continue my quest of discovery with this brilliant new track from Trentemøller entitled ‘Never Stop Running’ taken from his new album Lost due out on the 23rd September.

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Day 1: An Open Letter

Dear Music Library, I think we need some time apart. It’s not you, it’s me… That’s right folks, I’ve decided to delete my entire catalogue of music from my laptop with the goal of discovering only new sounds for the next 6-12 months. From today onwards the only songs that I will be listening to […]

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Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! have perhaps released the best lyric video to date…  Made to look like VHS, it is compiled of shots of stickers with the bands lyrics written on them placed all around New York City. It’s a very simple concept that’s wonderfully effective. Watch it now!

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Get Off

Check out the awesome new animated video for METZ latest single ‘Get Off’. If you haven’t already got a copy of the bands debut then what are you waiting for? And make sure you catch them on their UK tour in November. You wont be disappointed.

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Music Monday

Fresh from being my band of the week last week, Monty. have just released their cracking new video for their latest track ‘Who Needs An Education’. Enjoy your Monday folks.

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New Canyons

Have a listen to the dream like indie sound of New Canyons as they prepare to release their new album Everyone Is Dark. The echo drench tones will be a welcomed addition to your speakers and you’ll certainly find a yourself drifting away to thoughts of a far-away land.

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Here’s a sound like no other. Braids are a three-piece from Montreal who have managed to create a beauitful arrangement of rolling drums and pulsing rhythms. Listen to ‘In Kind’ and you’ll soon realise how unique and talented this band is.

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