blink-182 Neighbourhoods Review

Here it is folks, well kinda. The new Blink-182 album Neighbourhoods has leaked and pop-punk fans the world over have all stained their pants in excitement, but is it actually any good? Nah! Whilst there is the occasional snippet of joy, the majority of this new album is poor. Certain songs (Ghost on the Dancefloor, […]

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Ego Brain

Being in a band is one of the best things I’ve ever done. The friendships I’ve made, the places I’ve been and the things I’ve achieved all amount to some cracking memories. I love the fact that we are three laid back individuals who accept the fact that we’re not the best band in the […]

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I think this blog post has been a long time coming, given the current state of the commercial music industry. Shit like THIS is gaining millions of fans world wide, whilst real musicians can barely support themselves to do what they love. And I know it’s all well and good me sitting here complaining about what I […]

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