Yeah Yeah Yeahs

So there might be a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album out in Spring 2013. That makes the need for the new year to come a little sooner rather than later. However in other, more upsetting news, Tubelord announced today that they will be playing a farewell show on the 31st December at TOBL. Which I […]

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Day Tripper

A flash of light passes by the window every couple of meters. The carriage sways from side to side, and the airs warm smell is lingering. It sticks to the back of your throat and tastes like shit. “I fucking hate London.” One of the many ‘anti-South’ statements to come from Craig’s mouth. Jonny and […]

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Another Stupid Video

Isn’t the internet wonderful? Where else can you watch video after video of pointless shit and class it as entertainment? Just the other day I was watching Tron Cat. It’s a video of a normal cat covered in glow sticks whilst a man sings tron cat, brilliant. The only thing better than wasting your time […]

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After their last performance I’m feeling a little uneasy about the next release. Fingers crossed Tubelord are able to pull themselves together by the time the new record hits the shelves.

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