Day 7: Bad Side

I’ve made it a full seven days without any music on my laptop. So to celebrate, I thought I’d share with you the findings of my week. Starting with my favourite genre of music; punk. It gives me great pleasure to welcome the gloriously loud Philadelphia-based five-piece, Bad Side… But it’s not all been bruises […]

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Day 3: The Black Tambourines

Have a listen to the lofi garage punk sound of ‘Bodies’ by the Cornwall-based outfit The Black Tambourines. Clocking in at just over three-minutes in length, the track is packed full of fuzzy goodness, and if this is an insight to what we can expect from their debut, then we are very excited indeed.

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Day 2: Lurve

I’ve been without my vast collection of digital music for just over 24 hours now, and I haven’t yet needed a fix of blink-182, a thrashing of RETOX or a thought-filled evening with Keaton Henson… Instead I’ve been trawling through the internet discovering both great and gross, and here’s what I have added to the […]

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Band Of The Week: Desaparecidos

Since reuniting last year, Desaparecidos have recorded a bunch of 7inch records that are filled with politically driven tracks. Their latest release, featuring ‘The Underground Man’ and ‘Te Amo Camila Vallejo,’ follows suit and appears to be a tribute to the Chilean communist activist Camila Vallejo. It’s a fast paced, fuzzy punk rock homage to a passionate individual, […]

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The Mallard

They may have broken up earlier in the year, but The Mallard have still got something new to offer us. You can stream the bands outstanding, unreleased album Finding Meaning In Difference over at SPIN right now. With a healthy mix of lofi-noise and garage rock ‘n’ roll this album will surely immortalise the band forever and […]

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Band Of The Week: Rob Lynch

Described as “Acoustic pop with a sprinkling of punk and folk…” Rob Lynch makes brilliantly honest sing-a-long acoustic Pop-punk that has the power to make a room full of sweaty people erupt in to a raucous of wailing voices whilst swaying along in each others arms. Top bloke, top tunes. Listen now! Photo credit: Lee […]

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