Wednesday is perhaps my most hated day of the week. It sits there in the middle. Teasing me with how close the weekend is. Yet mocking my optimism by presenting me with two more (full) days of work.

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Diamonds & Daisies

There has been an obvious lack of content over the past couple of weeks. Time seems to be passing me by, predominantly consumed by my search for a ‘real job’. But that doesn’t mean that the soundtrack hasn’t been excellent. Ever since deleting all of the music from my laptop, I have been constantly discovering […]

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One Month: Part One

It has been a month since I deleted all of the music from my laptop in the search of only new music… But firstly I must apologies for the lack of updates recently. After returning from my (incredible) holiday in Croatia, I then moved house (again), and only now am I finding the time to […]

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Sun Songs

In perhaps our most flowery/nice/we’re happy it’s Friday blog post, here’s a selection of top tunes to listen to when it’s sunny. Have a cracking weekend folks!

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It Has Been Ages…

I’ve been away for a while finishing uni, going to TGE and organising a magazine launch party. But now I’m back, (hopefully) to provide you with some great new tunes for your ears. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying recently: The Orwells Drenge Cloud Boat Speedy Ortiz Fatlip

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Hairy Mouth Playlist

Click the image below to enjoy a cheeky little Hairy Mouth Playlist and keep yourself entertained over the weekend with some toe-tapping, booty shakin’ tunes. And, if you haven’t already Liked the brand spanking new Hairy Mouth Facebook Page CLICK HERE.

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