Maps of Columbus Free EP

Here it is people, our brand new EP Matriarchs. Download it for FREE right now and spread the word. Just click the image below to start downloading your copy. Alternatively CLICK HERE. We hope you enjoy listening to it and we will see you all very soon. Much love Maps of Columbus.

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Practice Space

There’s only two days left until Matriarchs will be available for you lovely people to download. I hope you enjoyed watching Maps of Columbus Recording Matriarchs and if you haven’t seen it yet Click Here. I always find that looking back through the videos we have made provokes a strange feeling within. We aren’t even […]

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Another Stupid Video

Isn’t the internet wonderful? Where else can you watch video after video of pointless shit and class it as entertainment? Just the other day I was watching Tron Cat. It’s a video of a normal cat covered in glow sticks whilst a man sings tron cat, brilliant. The only thing better than wasting your time […]

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Borrowed Time

A lot can happened in six months. Japan almost got wiped of the face of the earth, a terrorist was killed by some Americans in Pakistan and two people got married whilst 3 billion others watched. There is no doubt that the second half of the year will be filled with headlines but June is […]

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