Indie music has taken a bit of a beating in the past. The word itself conjures up painful memories of bands like The Automatic being splashed across the pages of NME alongside a title that would suggest they are the best band in Britain.

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Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, three-piece indie pop band Mounties provide a fun loving musical treat with their infectious track, ‘Headphones’.

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Day 8: Man Man

Here’s some fun-loving indie music that is drenched with pop charm… Man Man may well be on the verge of releasing their fifth album, On Oni Pond but they are sounding fresher than ever. Have a listen to the cheeky sound of ‘Head On’ and try telling me you don’t love their sound…

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Mavo are a Montreal-based trio who make fuzzy indie pop that’s oozing with catchy riffs and rumbling beats. You can purchase the bands self-titled debut EP from their Bandcamp via Fixture Records.

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Music Monday

What a stunning weekend! We’ve done good with both the weather and the sport. So let’s keep it up shall we? Maybe we could start with listening to some cracking new music from the Bristol based Indie band Empty Pools. Happy (sunny) Monday!! Photo: © Emily Wilson

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