Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract’s incredible hip hop album, MTV1987 is probably one of the best mix tapes I’ve heard so far this year. Listen below and CLICK HERE for a free download.

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Free Music: Eerie Summer

There really is nothing better than listening to some fuzzy, lo-fi pop music that’s simply oozing with desire for those warmer, sunny days. Drift away with Eerie Summer’s yearning EP and let their fluttery tones spin around inside your head as you dream of wasted youth. Perfect! Download the duos self-titled EP for free.

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Music Monday

Maryland-born, Los Angeles-based R&B singer Kelela has just released her debut mixtape Cut 4 Me, for free via Fade To Mind. It’s an impressive collection of brilliantly produced beats that have been adapted to compliment her stunning voice perfectly. Listen below and download it now!!

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Have you heard ANTWON’s new mix tape In Dark Denim? Why not? It’s awesome. CLICK HERE to download the album for free, then sit back, relax and enjoy some mighty fine Hip-Hop.

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Have a listen to the brilliant new song by Youth Lagoon entitled ‘Dropla’, which is taken from his soon to be released, second full-length album Wondrous Bughouse. Oh, and the track is also available as a free download!

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New Bands Pt. 6: Dikembe

Dikembe is four dudes making some incredible, melodic Punk Rock. There’s not much more to say really. Go and check them out and download their brilliant EP, Chicago Bowls for free. File next to: Polar Bear Club, Run Forever & Little League. New Bands Pt. 5: Bleeding Rainbow

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