The Kinison

So it looks like The Kinison will be releasing a new 7 inch at some point in 2013. The band has been teasing us with updates on their new Facebook page. I didn’t think I would ever see the return of the band that was hailed as “the new Refused”, but it is pretty exciting […]

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New Bands Pt. 2: Monty.

Bournemouth based, pop rock three-piece, Monty. are giving away their debut EP, Call It After This¬†for free via their Facebook page. Check them out if you enjoy nothing more than an up-and-coming British band. Top guys, great songs! File next to:¬†Yearbook, Futures & Cut The Blue Wire New Bands Pt. 1  

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Hairy Mouth Playlist

Click the image below to enjoy a cheeky little Hairy Mouth Playlist and keep yourself entertained over the weekend with some toe-tapping, booty shakin’ tunes. And, if you haven’t already Liked the brand spanking new Hairy Mouth Facebook Page CLICK HERE.

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Considering it is one of the most powerful marketing tools around, it would be a bit daft if I didn’t have a Facebook. I’ll set aside my personal issues with the website and instead, keep all you wonderful people up-to-date with quality Hairy Mouth banter. I’ve even got a cheeky little Hairy Mouth Playlist for […]

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