This picture of Disclosure “performing” at Capital FM’s Summer Ball, mixed with Guy’s hole-digging, slightly contradictory statement about why the groups mixers weren’t actually plugged-in, simply proves that the band no longer have creative control over the things they do, and that they are in fact just a product. How on earth did we get to […]

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Major Lazer

So I’ve given it some serious thought, and after a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing I have decided exactly what is wrong with the new Major Lazer video for ‘Bubble Butt’. It looks like it was filmed on the set of Blue Peter… Other than that it is fine. Absolutely 100% awesome! Check it out.

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Reel-to-Reel DJ

Whilst doing some research for my F.M.P. I came across these two incredible videos featuring some insane reel-to-reel tape DJs from Latvia. Under Soviet rule the country was unable to acquire Western music, so some of these guys used to record songs straight from pirate radio stations onto their own tape. They would then use […]

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The Medium Is The Message

Here’s an interesting little video that has been put together by the Red Bull Music Academy about the different formats on which music is presented. There’s some good points raised by either side of the digital/analogue debate, and regardless of which format you prefer, you’ll no doubt be impressed by the skill involved with both. […]

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Music Monday

My brother got married at the weekend, and as you can imagine there was a DJ, dancing and lots of alcohol. Even though the happy couple had their first dance to a  song that will forever remind them of the special day, this is what will remind me of it. There’s nothing like seeing a […]

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