Day 9: Joy Wellboy

Hailing from Belgium, Joy Wellboy are a duo who create truly stunning indie-pop. ‘Lay Down Your Blade’ isn’t too dissimilar to the echoey, reverb drench sound of The XX, and this two-piece will certainly be turning heads over the coming months with the release of their debut album in September.

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Day 6: Trentemøller

We had a cracking weekend of discovering some great new music, take a look for yourself (Three / Four / Five)… I aim to continue my quest of discovery with this brilliant new track from Trentemøller entitled ‘Never Stop Running’ taken from his new album Lost due out on the 23rd September.

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Day 2: Lurve

I’ve been without my vast collection of digital music for just over 24 hours now, and I haven’t yet needed a fix of blink-182, a thrashing of RETOX or a thought-filled evening with Keaton Henson… Instead I’ve been trawling through the internet discovering both great and gross, and here’s what I have added to the […]

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Day 1: An Open Letter

Dear Music Library, I think we need some time apart. It’s not you, it’s me… That’s right folks, I’ve decided to delete my entire catalogue of music from my laptop with the goal of discovering only new sounds for the next 6-12 months. From today onwards the only songs that I will be listening to […]

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Hairy Mouth | THREE

Read the brand new Hairy Mouth e-zine right now… Check out the latest issue of the Hairy Mouth e-zine. There’s loads of new music for you to discover from the likes of Speedy Ortiz and Sarah Siskind, plus there’s an interview with US indie-label Tiny Engines. What are you waiting for? READ IT NOW!!

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