Introducing: The Suffers

Hailing from Huston, Texas, The Suffers are a vibrant blend of Soul and Jazz who tip their hat to the bygone era of 60s glamour and swing. Their energetic tunes are jam-packed with soulful lyrics and upbeat solos that manage to create an image of smoke-filled clubs and packed-out dance halls. “The Suffers are redefining […]

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Day 5: Saint Rich

Delicate Steve bandmates Steve Marion and Christian Peslak have released the their first single entitled ‘Officer’ from their new project, Saint Rich. Check out the video below. The album Beyond The Drone is due out on the 13th September.

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Day 3: The Black Tambourines

Have a listen to the lofi garage punk sound of ‘Bodies’ by the Cornwall-based outfit The Black Tambourines. Clocking in at just over three-minutes in length, the track is packed full of fuzzy goodness, and if this is an insight to what we can expect from their debut, then we are very excited indeed.

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Mavo are a Montreal-based trio who make fuzzy indie pop that’s oozing with catchy riffs and rumbling beats. You can purchase the bands self-titled debut EP from their Bandcamp via Fixture Records.

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