The Top 14 Songs Of 2014

You’ve seen our pick of the Best Albums of 2014, so now let’s take a look at some of the best songs… Lany – ‘Walk Away’ I still know next to nothing about this band, but I do know that their debut track, ‘Walk Away’ is probably one of the finest songs I’ve heard in […]

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Day 14: Cocovan

It has been a fortnight since I deleted all of the music from my laptop, and if you thought that WEEK ONE was full of cracking new tunes, you’re gonna love this one. Shall we start with some upbeat electro-pop? That’s the happy-go-lucky sound of Paris born pop star in-the-making, Cocovan (pictured). She sounds a […]

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Day 11: Chet Faker

Today is World Beard Day, so let’s listen to some beardy music… He’s teamed up with the superb Flume in the past, and has produced a brilliant cover of Blackstreet’s massive tune, ‘No Diggity’, but now Chet Faker is focusing on his own material. With an album currently under construction, this new track entitled ‘Melt’ […]

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