Mowbird’s brilliant debut album,┬áIslander┬áis out now via Shape Records. Grab your copy today and catch them on their UK tour.

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Mutual Benefit

Stunning, echoey layers of gentle guitar licks and spacious synths, all delicately assembled around tender, reverb-drenched vocals. There’s a FREE ep up for grabs here. We suggest you download it…

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Free Music: Eerie Summer

There really is nothing better than listening to some fuzzy, lo-fi pop music that’s simply oozing with desire for those warmer, sunny days. Drift away with Eerie Summer’s yearning EP and let their fluttery tones spin around inside your head as you dream of wasted youth. Perfect! Download the duos self-titled EP for free.

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Clever Clever

If you listen to one album today, make sure it’s Clever Clever by The Love Triangle… “Heretofore, the Love Triangle’s recordings have been marked by a particularly raw, aggressive, and even ugly take on classic power pop. Sure, the choruses were huge, but the recordings were ear-splittingly raw and aggressive. However, they’ve changed things up […]

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