Music Is Dead

The fact that Kreyshawn was allowed to release a song in 2011 goes to show how awful music has become over the last couple of years. With pretty much zero creativity, a lust for sales, and the desire to be a “somebody”, it seems that most musician’s have just given up. I’m finding it increasingly […]

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I Guess You Had To Be There

The reunion of both At The Drive-In and Refused is, in my eyes, just as pointless as Van Halen getting back together. Let’s take a moment to appreciate what they created, and prey they don’t ruin the brilliant music they left for us. At The Drive-In – Picket Fence Cartel Refused – Blind Date

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At The Drive-In Reform…?

There have been some rumours circulating that At The Drive-In are going to reform for a one off gig in Russia. The music agency NCA has hinted that the band has been booked for a unique performance, but the location or date hasn’t been confirmed yet. Fingers crossed this is not just a hoax like […]

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IMY – At The Drive-In

A truly great band that is gone but not forgotten. Easily one of the most influential groups of the last 15 years, At The Drive-In will forever remain one of the greats. I guarantee that if it wasn’t for this band, half of your favourite albums would never have been made. Now show some respect.

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