Band Of The Week: Rob Lynch

Described as “Acoustic pop with a sprinkling of punk and folk…” Rob Lynch makes brilliantly honest sing-a-long acoustic Pop-punk that has the power to make a room full of sweaty people erupt in to a raucous of wailing voices whilst swaying along in each others arms. Top bloke, top tunes. Listen now! Photo credit: Lee […]

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Jake Mattison

Here’s some delightful acoustic music for you to enjoy this weekend from the very talent Jake Mattison. We found him busking on a street corner two years ago in Brighton during The Great Escape festival and his new track ‘Golden Friend’ is simply beautiful. Listen now…

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Big Fin

Have a listen to the brilliant debut EP, Tether from the wonderfully talented, and all-round lovely chap, Matt Reynolds (aka Big Fin).

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Here’s a bunch of brilliant bands and musicians that I’m currently obsessing over. Have a listen and let me know what you think…. Meat Market Donovan Woods Telling Weirds

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Braddock Beach

Run, Forever have quickly become one of my most listened to bands over the past week-or-so. Check out this excellent live version of, ‘Braddock Beach’ and take a moment to enjoy some great songwriting.

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The Very Best

The Very Best’s new album MTMTMK is already one of my favourite albums of 2012, and their incredible  UK debut performance at The Shaklewell Arms back in June was a highlight of my summer. Take a look at this stunning acoustic version of their track, ‘Kondaine’ and see why I love this band.

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