Bad Bad Hats

In only a few short months, summer will be over and there will be a distinct change of mood in the busy bars around the country. As the days grow shorter and the darkness creeps in, the last of your sun-soaked memories will be proudly recollected, probably at volume and to a jealous audience of ears. With a bit of luck you’ll have been on holiday. Maybe you’ll have taken up a new hobby. Or perhaps you will have simply surrounded yourself with all of the great people who make you feel awesome…

Chances are, certainly if you are anything like me, you’ll have a soundtrack to accompany every boastful story that exits your chattering grin. And let’s hope that Bad Bad Hats are the band that ignites your most vivid flashback.

The indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota will be releasing their debut LP, Psychic Reader on the 17th July via Afternoon Records. With a wealth of glistening tunes, rich bass lines and catchy hooks to be discovered, they’ll be your new favourite band in no time at all.

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