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Pixel Fix

Pixel Fix – ‘Lungs’

Oxford-based four-piece Pixel Fix have quietly been producing some damn fine music over the last year-or-so. ‘Lungs’ is their first release since last year’s brilliant debut EP entitled Fall, and this new track shows a wealth of confidence in their songwriting abilities. It’s a glossy tune that fits wonderfully alongside these hazy summer days.

Joel Jerome – ‘Everybody Wants Somebody’

Joel Jerome (aka “Papa Joel”) is better known for his production work with a handful of well respected indie labels such as Burger and Lolipop. But now he has decided to produce something for himself. This chipper seven minute wonder is home to a huge collection of instruments and features a delightful, yet chilled out array of vocals. The full-length, Psychedelic Thriftstore Folk comes out in August.

Zongo Junction – ‘Longtooth’

I know very little about afrobeat. And I know even less about the Brooklyn scene (BKLYN AFROBEAT). But with five horns and a six-piece rhythm section, I do know that Zongo Junction are an impressive place to start. Their new album, No Discount is due out in July, and if ‘Longtooth’ is anything to go by, it promises to be something very special indeed.

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