Reviews: Albums

Album Reviews

Stephen Malkmus and the JicksWig Out at Jagbags

This unique style of laid-back, middle-aged guitar rock is singlehandedly fuelling an entire generation of über-cool parents and weed obsessed, middle class ‘mature’ students. However, they are totally unaware of their mutual interest in this most excellent band. 4 Beards


CanterburyDark Days

I bet these guys were gutted when the guilty verdict was announced at the Watkins trial. Stubble


TemplesSun Structures

At times, Sun Structures resonates with an Arctic Monkeys-esc grittiness that delivers a truly pleasant rattling in your eardrums. Packed full of spiky guitar riffs and fuzzy vocals, this album could be the one that provides a solid foothold for Temples’ prosperous future. 3 Beards


*Album of the Week*

Big Ups Eighteen Hours of Static

Big Ups are honest, aggressive and loud.  Self-described as ‘punctual-punk’; their debut, Eighteen Hours of Static sounds exactly how we are all feeling right now. 5 Beards

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