Diamonds & Daisies

Guantanamo Baywatch
Guantanamo Baywatch

There has been an obvious lack of content over the past couple of weeks. Time seems to be passing me by, predominantly consumed by my search for a ‘real job’. But that doesn’t mean that the soundtrack hasn’t been excellent.

Ever since deleting all of the music from my laptop, I have been constantly discovering new sounds. Some of which are great to me. Some of which grate on me. And if you follow me on Twitter you have probably seen/heard some of the weekly compilations I have been constructing.

However, as I am a self-obsessed writer (a what?) with a knack for spreading verbal diarrhoea across the world wide web. I simply cannot resist the urge to tell you about a couple of awesome new bands and musicians that I will not let leave my ears.

Tei Shi
Tei Shi

I had a feeling that RADSTEWART might grab this year’s award for Best Band Name, but with the recent discovery of Guantanamo Baywatch, I’m afraid their chances of winning are are now looking slim.

The Portland-based trio have got some damn fine summer vibes goin’ on and their latest single, ‘Love This Time’ will inject some of the finest, funk-filled slacker pop into these chilly autumn months.

Tei Shi is a Brooklyn-based electronic band that features tingling synths, reverb drenched keys and deep bass rolls. ‘Nevermind The End’ starts out as a lo-fi pop hit, but don’t judge too soon. There’s more than meets the ear.

If it’s a bit of dream pop you fancy, then why not give California Wives a listen. The glossy tone of their stunning track ‘Marianne’ is a delightful taste of the bands songwriting abilities and you’ll be left pining after the Chicago four-piece. Their new album, Art History is out now.

Other tracks worthy of a mention:

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