Day 14: Cocovan

It has been a fortnight since I deleted all of the music from my laptop, and if you thought that WEEK ONE was full of cracking new tunes, you’re gonna love this one.

Shall we start with some upbeat electro-pop?

That’s the happy-go-lucky sound of Paris born pop star in-the-making, Cocovan (pictured). She sounds a bit like Robyn, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. But let’s recap what else we’ve discovered this week…


There appears to have been a little bit of an electronic theme running throughout the past seven days, starting with the truly sensational, R&B-esc beats of London’s Gent Mason. We’ve also stumbled upon the Belgium duo Joy Wellboy, and greatly enjoyed the noise of the furry faced, ‘No Diggity’ covering, Chet Faker.

We’ve also marvelled in some indulgent indie twang from the likes of Man Man, a bit of swirly dream-like guitar music from Oliver Wilde, and of course we’ve had a generous dashing of energetic punk rock from Australia’s very own Royal Headache.

So what will the next week bring to the table? Who knows. But one thing is for sure…

I’m going on holiday on Friday, so it is likely that I will be out of action for a week. I’ll try and schedule in as much in as possible, but for now you should enjoy what we have already found.

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