Day 8: Man Man

Here’s some fun-loving indie music that is drenched with pop charm…

manman-600-1377875346Man Man may well be on the verge of releasing their fifth album, On Oni Pond but they are sounding fresher than ever. Have a listen to the cheeky sound of ‘Head On’ and try telling me you don’t love their sound…

4 thoughts on “Day 8: Man Man

  1. True story: my friend and I accidentally happened upon a Man Man show in a small club about 7 years ago. Though I tried after witnessing their performance, I never got into the band. To this day, though, my friend and I agree that they were one of the craziest acts we had ever seen live. One of the band members was “playing” a fire extinguisher for crissakes!

    1. That’s awesome. I’d never heard of them before considering they are about to release their fifth album. From what I’ve been reading though, this record is a little more accessible compared to the others.

      1. That wouldn’t be too hard. They can be a difficult listen. Perhaps I’ll give them another shot.

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