Day 7: Bad Side

bad-sideI’ve made it a full seven days without any music on my laptop. So to celebrate, I thought I’d share with you the findings of my week. Starting with my favourite genre of music; punk. It gives me great pleasure to welcome the gloriously loud Philadelphia-based five-piece, Bad Side…

But it’s not all been bruises and noise since I hit delete last Tuesday. Day 3 brought about the discovery of the sensational Whinnie Williams, whilst yesterday introduced me to the stunning indie pop conceived by Minor Alps.

I will admit, it has been fairly guitar heavy so far. But that’s surely not a bad thing. Because let’s face it, Team Spirit‘s track ‘Fuck The Beach’ has got a pretty awesome video, and the police taunting ‘Officer’ by Saint Rich sounds pretty special too.

Overall though, I feel like I have been playing it fairly safe. Which means it is time to cast out my net further than ever before. Fingers crossed that by this time next week I’ll have stumbled across some hip-hop, dance, and maybe even some folk.

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