Visions Preview

So the festival season is now well and truly underway, and whilst fields are fun to sit in, you do have to remember that this is Britain after all, and sometimes it can rain. A lot! But that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some great music this summer …

922829_122520984618079_1766501416_nIf you’re thinking about heading to a festival this year and you don’t want to break the bank, or get (too) wet in the process, then Visions could be the one for you.

Taking place across East London on the 10th August, this cheap as chips (£25) one-dayer brings you some of the finest Indie/Punk music around from the likes of Fucked Up, Iceage and !!! (CHK CHK CHK). You can expect the venues to be jam-packed, the supply of rum to be endless and the bands to be top-notch!

Here’s our pick of the top three ‘Must See’..

Cloud Nothings


Soft Moon

For more info and tickets CLICK HERE

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