Pop Punk Part II

It finally feels like we are seeing, or rather hearing the benefits of all those years we spent listening to 90s US Pop Punk.

coverThere’s no question in saying that the genre had influenced a whole industry boom of imitations from every corner of the globe. However it seems that only now are we actually getting our hands on some exciting mutations of the genre.

The whole Emo phase was probably the most encouraging sign of musical evolution in the early years, but once it was highjacked by the mainstream, along with the new form of social interaction that went along with it via the medium of MySpace, people wanted to get out as quickly as the wanted to get in.

But don’t get me wrong, there has probably been a load of awesome bands smashing out some truly awesome music since the last time I actively indulged, I guess I just got sick of hearing bands like YMA6 and Paramore prancing around in their tight jeans whilst the veterans of the genre simply lost their marbles and all became embarrassing middle-aged mums and dads.

It’s only now with the emergence of bands such as Dowsing, Dikembe, Joyce Manor, Summer Vacation and Run, Forever that I feel we are seeing the best music to come from the bands that seemed to start it all.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. I mainly just wanted to say that I really like this band and I can hear a lot of influence from past years within their sound. Which is a good thing…

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