Disclosure-unplugged-628x417This picture of Disclosure “performing” at Capital FM’s Summer Ball, mixed with Guy’s hole-digging, slightly contradictory statement about why the groups mixers weren’t actually plugged-in, simply proves that the band no longer have creative control over the things they do, and that they are in fact just a product. How on earth did we get to a point in society where music cannot be performed live?

It’s my opinion that the duo are a bunch of mugs for accepting to do such a thing, and clearly Capital FM don’t really give that much of a shit about music.

Here’s some other, better words about the situation…

One thought on “Disclosure

  1. HA HA HA.. it’s just like watching that episode of top of the pops were oasis and stone roses just piss around. Popularizing any music form, for the greed of capitalist’s at the top to get rich from bright creatives making the music, they just fucking abuse the music and creativity of artists and most of the time it’s this that destroys’ the artist, not the drugs, not the hard life. but the end of creativity within their lives.


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