Band Of The Week: The New Union

Catchy guitar-led pop rock from the sunny seaside town of Brighton. Check out the review for their new EP, due out on the 3rd June.

The-New-Union-CafeBursting with a youthful energy and presented in the glorious sound of guilt-free pop rock, Brighton’s latest hopefuls The New Union have got all the qualities you’d expect to find in any band-in-the-making. Their charming songwriting flaunts an abundance of liveliness, and the group manages to firmly grasp onto the core roots of exactly how to assemble a cracking pop song.

A tale of love and loss is delivered eloquently via the standout rhythm of ‘Staying Friends’, which leads to a triumphant concoction of echo-drenched guitars and simple – yet sincere – vocals. The distant addition of swirling synths and digital influence on ‘Rushing Thoughts’ provides a rich and compelling listening experience that you’ll find discreetly irresistible.

Leave behind any false pretense when it comes to these four tracks, because The New Union have basically given us a brilliantly honest and genuinely enjoyable debut.

Catch The New Union live at the MOSAIC MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY.

Words by Mosaic.

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