Mixtape Memories

Because a mixtape is for sharing…


A distorted crackle bursts from the shitty plastic stereo in my battered Ford Fiesta as it gracefully rumbles its way along Mill Street, Crewe. The year is 2007. I’m not sure what the month is, but that’s probably irrelevant.

Only a few weeks earlier one of my favourite bands had announced they were breaking up, and I remember the feeling vividly. I’d spent days wondering how I was ever going to move on. But what worried me more, was whether-or-not I’d experience the same emotions they had managed to provoke inside my bones ever again…

But how could I have known that the next 4 minutes of noise that were about to appear through my speakers were going to provide me with one of the most overwhelming listening experiences I can remember. From its very first notes, right through to the diminishing tones, I knew this song, the third on my Mixtape Memories, would have a lasting impression.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Bon Iver (pronounced: Bon Eve-Air).


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