I recently re-watched the fantastic music documentary, The Devil And Daniel Johnston and thought I would share with you my favourite musical themed documentaries. Starting with….


The Devil And Daniel Johnston

Follow the incredible journey of singer songwriter Daniel Johnston as he battles with mental illness, a loss of love and the desire to be famous. His music is timeless, yet painfully honest, and his story is heart-breaking, but truly inspiring. You’ve gotta see this movie…

American Hardcore

Just as explosive as the genre it portrays, American Hardcore is an archive of fantastic interviews backed-up with raw footage that shows you exactly what the word hardcore really means.

Riding In Vans With Boys

There has never been a collection of video footage that has made me want to be in a band more than this. It’s an on-the-road, candid look at young hopefuls Kut U Up as they go out on a mammoth tour across the US with their good friends blink-182, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World. Warning: Contains lot’s of male nudity.

The Story Of: Anvil

Out of luck rockers Anvil show us that with dedication and love, anything is possible. Their tale is inspirational, and their passion is overwhelming. You’ll be blown away by the sheer fact that the band has lasted for such a long time, and you’ll probably want to cry by the end of this unique insight to the friendship found amongst bandmates.

Beats, Rhymes And Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest

Hip-hop giants A Tribe Called Quest take you on an intimate tour of their ups and downs throughout their impressive career. With brutally honest interviews this documentary provides a stunning insight in to the groups astonishing inner workings.

Also watch:Dig!, Moog, The Other F Word, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Sound City, Until The Light Takes Us, The Black Power Mixtape, Spinal Tap & Buena Vista Social Club.

3 thoughts on “Rockumentary

  1. These are all great docs. The Devil and Daniel Johnston and American Hardcore are two of my favorite music docs. The Fearless Freaks is another great one, as is We Jam Econo: Story of the Minutemen.

  2. The Devil and Daniel Johnston is definitely amazing. I’ll also be watching Searching for Sugarman soon (whenever my queue gets to it) and it’s also supposed to be really good.

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