guesteditors2011_kraftwerkI found the idea of seeing Kraftwerk in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern a very appealing one. I mean let’s face it, they are one of THE most influential bands when it comes to modern electronic Pop music. But have you seen some of the snippets from their performances?

I understand that there is a rather large time period that has passed since they first appeared on the scene, but their visual aspect really is questionable. It’s like watching that awful Def Leopard video with the digital paper boy. It probably looked great at the time, but my god it hasn’t aged well. A bit like what will happen with I Am Legend or Godzilla.

But I guess that’s why people are going to see them right? Because they want to relive that nostalgic feeling of the bands representation. And I’m assuming that must include the visual side of things n’all…

It’s just the part I don’t understand is why they have begun to use better technology to perform their music and update their sound, but seem to have forgotten about the great big bloody screen behind them. If they can change the lyrics on Radioactivity to be about the Fukushima power plant, then surely they can get some better visuals?

Anyway, I wasn’t there to witness the performance first hand, so I guess I’m at a slight disadvantage when commenting on the whole experience. I think I’m just trying to get my head around the idea that a bunch of middle-aged men still think they are representing the future with songs about motorways, radios and trains.

Please note: I am aware this is meant to be viewed in 3D.

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