All The Old Showstoppers

It seems that here, in London, we have too many good gigs to go to these days. For example, over the past 12 months at just one venue there has been a mass of shows that I have wanted to attend, the majority of which have been free.

The wonderful folks down at The Old Blue Last, yes I’m aware it’s the Vice HQ, and their army of top-notch promoters have been more than generous with their offerings. Joyce Manor, Tellison, Petite Nior, Big Fin, Polio, Yearbook, the list is endless. But now there’s more and more venues popping up that are putting on gigs for zero cash, which makes it an incredibly exciting time to be a music lover.

However what happens when you are left with the decision of choosing between two potentially amazing gigs on the same night? Only Real at The Shaklewell Arms or Birthmark at The Old Blue Last.

Both amazing artist, both free gigs, both the same night. TONIGHT in fact. The question is, which one should I pick?

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