There Has Never Been A Better Time To Listen To Music

TRAILS latest single, 'SHT FKR' has been released for free.
TRAILS latest single, ‘SHT FKR’ has been released for free.

It’s true. Even with all this ilegal downloading shit going on. Why you ask? Well I’m gonna tell you…

There’s been a counter reaction to the idea that giving away your music for free is a bad thing. It’s not exactly anything new, but it now means that more and more bands are letting you listen to their stuff for absolutely nothing. Which in turn means that us, the listener’s, can enjoy a countless number of new bands without having to spend a penny.

Thanks to the introduction of websites such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud, artists are able to cut out the middleman and get their songs directly to the ears of potential fans either for free, or for a small fee. It’s incredible.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not for a moment saying that all music should be free and that we shouldn’t pay for records, merch and gigs. I’m simply saying it’s a good time to listen to music because you could find your new favourite band without breaking the bank.

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