Eight Bands I’m Glad I’ve Seen Live Pt. 2

I wrote this ages ago. Here’s part two…

Rig Up Explosive

Now performing under the name Blitz Kids, this Cheshire based band once sounded unique and original, and could be found smashing up local pubs whilst dressed as zombies. They were possibly one of the most energetic, action packed bunch of cocks I’d seen pottering around the streets of Crewe and Nantwich.

Fast forward a few years and Google the words “sell out”, and it’s likely that their picture will come up in the results. RUEND.

Hundred Reasons

It wasn’t until 2012 that I finally got the opportunity to see these guys live. Having spent years trying to get over the hiatus, their performance at 2000 Trees was enough closure for me to move on and continue my search to find a better album than Ideas Above Our Station.

Say Anything

Certainly one of my favourite bands on record. Perhaps my favourite live band as well.

Plus, Max Bemis is a god amongst men who enjoys some good old fashioned nipple rubbing.

The Maple State

There has never been a finer band come out of Manchester. EVER!

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