Live Review: God Damn/iAM AMiTY

God Damn/iAM AMiTY
Native Tongue, Epsom

Whether it’s named after a 1980s feminist novel or the forward thinking, early 90s rap group, Native Tongue in Epsom has the potential to stand out amidst a middle-class suburban nightmare. Tonight, the rumble of sound being emitted from the cavern in which it resides has attracted a small group of fans and friends keen on discovering an escape from the over-priced clubs and franchised pubs scattered across the local area.

As the room gentle fills with a sense of intrigue, Brighton based Amy Forrester, aka iAM AMiTY takes to the tiny stage surrounded by her control panel of pedals, switches and hotel reception ‘Ring For Attention’ bell. The multi-instrumental soloist conjures up a smile-inducing symphony of sound using loops and layers blended carefully with catchy guitar riffs that are clinically executed and sound fresh and original. Her quirky, twee-tones that playfully pulse from the speakers are a welcomed approach to song writing and have the potential to make one-man bands cool again.

Intro track, ‘i SPY’ builds to a flurry of sounds which paints a glorious picture of what’s to come, whilst the cheeky beat of ‘BEDPOST’, effortlessly demonstrates how pop music should sound. Amy leaves the stage to a well-deserved applause and a room full of grinning faces.

From the outside, and though the haze of cigarette smoke which now surrounds the entrance, three Northern lads can be seen haling their equipment around the venue in preparation for a headline slot. God Damn ignore the stage and choose to perform from the dance floor instead. Face-to-face with an eager crowd, the first notes begin to escape at a deafening volume and the band surges into their set.

Singer and guitarist, of which there are two, Thom struts around his stage flaunting lyrics to anyone who will listen and is accompanied by a brutal onslaught of bluesy metal from Dave, the other singer and guitarist, and drummer Tim. It’s almost as if the great minds of popular electric blues have teamed up with likes of The Bronx or Eagles Of Death Metal to create something a little more interesting than the norm.

Rhythmically it’s an epic sound scape smashed out between all twelve strings, and the addition of pounding drums just adds to the scale of noise. Penultimate track, ‘Way Down’ has the addition of punching punk tones that would give most popular bands of the genre a run for their money and shows the audience how versatile the three-piece can be.  They bring about a fine ending to the evening’s events and leave the punters with a blissful ringing in their ears.

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