2000 Trees

2000 Trees – Muddy Brilliant (Above image is not actually 2000 Trees)

I can’t imagine that anyone actually likes mud. Not even those sexy wrestlers who ‘fight’ each other whilst caked in the stuff.

I am however aware that lots of people like music. Hell I bet those same wrestlers even like to dance to the odd record from time-to-time. And I reckon they probably enjoy themselves when they do. Even if it is whilst they are taking off their clothes.

But what happens if you mix the two? Mud-sic. Doesn’t sound good does it? Well you’d be wrong. It’s actually fucking awesome.

It’s a well known fact that “what is already wet, cannot be re-wet-ted…” or something like that. I’m sure I heard someone say that once.

You see, what I’m trying to do here is write an interesting account of my time at 2000 Trees, but there’s not a lot to say.

It was wet. It was muddy. It was amazing.

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