My First Zine

I’ve been wanting to put together a little zine for a while now, and after reading a brilliant, inspiring book entitled Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine? I thought I’d give it ago.

Whilst drowning in a sea of folded paper on Monday evening I finally managed to cut and paste my first template together. A quick trip to the library to bash out a few photocopies and I had my layout complete. More folding, followed by the production of some cheeky coloured wraps to hold the pages together, and I was done. Here is my first six page zine.

Although the content is all cut and paste based, with some simple text taken from a couple of newspapers, I’m pretty pleased with myself. I now have plans to get other people involved with producing a handful of zines that will hopefully feature artwork, poems, stories and photography.

If you want one of the above zines give me a shout and I will bang one in the post for you, or give me a cheeky email if you want to submit some of your own work to be published in the next one.

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