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Arcane Roots: Daryl, Andy & Adam

After an unexpected headline slot at HMVs Next Big Thing at The Garage, London on the 10th February, I had a quick chat with Arcane Roots frontman Andy about the bands energetic live performance, their refusal to conform and Jurassic Park.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Andy Groves and I sing and play guitar in the band Arcane Roots.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13 and the band has been together since about 2009. We’ve gone through various member changes over the last couple of years, but we feel that this current line-up is pretty solid now since the introduction of Adam [bassist].

What can people expect to see at an Arcane Roots gig?

I think people can expect to see a lot of energy from a group of musicians who are passionate about the music they make, especially the people who haven’t seen us live before. We try to be intelligent in the way we play and create a good atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

What would you consider are your main influences?

We have gained a lot of influence from bands such as The Fall of Troy and Biffy Clyro, but we try not to limit ourselves. We feel that if you listen to the same old music over and over, then you will end up creating exactly that. I find certain pop music very interesting. Artists like KT Tunstall and Beyonce write really intelligent backing arrangements that people don’t seem to notice and I really admire that. I would say we try not to be ignorant when it comes to our influences. We don’t want to end up being labelled a rock band or pop band, we just want to write something that’s appealing  and exciting to all.

What are your plans for 2012?

We’re off to Europe tonight to play some shows, so we are very excited to be heading over there. We’ve just come back from Ireland where we recorded our album, but we will hopefully release a new single soon as the album won’t be out until September-ish. We recently did an acoustic session with some friends and even invited a fan along who we’d seen cover one of our tracks on YouTube. It would be good to do some sort of collaboration at some point, but I think for now we are happy playing these gigs as we are very excited about performing the new  songs.

Last but not least, if Arcane Roots was a dinosaur what would it be?

Easy! A Rapture.

Why’s that?

We are like that scene in Jurassic Park 2 when the people go into the long grass. Just when you feel safe, we come along and attack you form all angles.

Check out Arcane Roots at

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