Funny Music

Music and comedy are two things that go together like peas and carrots. Whether it’s in the form of comedy duo The Flight of the Conchords, Alan Partridges bizarre duets, or the incredibly talented Reggie Watts, there’s a humorous song   for everyone. With websites such as Youtube allowing people to present their own knee-slapping parodies, it’s a concept that we have all grown to love.

Now it seems that this combination of entertainment genres has been taken to a new level. With the inclusion of hilarious songs, painful awkwardness and a laughable persona, The Jetsons have begun to make their mark on society. But, what exactly is it about these two Brighton boys that makes them so funny to watch?

It’s Simple. The fact that they are deadly serious about everything they do. Well done guys, keep up the good work.  I tip my hat to you.

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