Eight Bands I’m Glad I’ve Seen Live Pt. 1

Part one of the Eight Bands I’m Glad I’ve Seen Live. Something tells me this list is going to cause a few arguments.

My Chemical Romance

Along time ago this band released an album entitled I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, and in my teenage years, I listened to it nonstop. A year or so later Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge surfaced, and suddenly they were propelled into another world, and went on to become a travelling show that was laughable at best.

However, in-between the transition from good to bad I managed to see them live supporting the mighty Taking Back Sunday. They were intense, passionate and unbelievably engaging. They completely blew me away.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for their more recent work, I will always have respect for their earlier albums,  and the insane atmosphere they created that night inside a tiny Manchester venue.


As far as two-piece bands go, Japandroids are the best. Their gig at The Deaf Institute in February 2010 will always remain a favourite of mine. Guitarist Brian King was energetically throwing himself around the stage, whilst drummer David Prowse beat the shit out of his kit, both with huge smile’s on their face’s.

Running over their set time meant the audience was treated to an extra half hour of crazy antics and super fast covers, which resulted in my car being locked in a multi-storey car park. But, it was worth it.


Imagine the excitement of finding out your favourite band is playing just down the road from you at one of the smallest venues the North has to offer. This is exactly what happened when Goldfinger came to The Sugarmill in Stoke way back in early 2000.

I’d seen the band before at various gigs, but nothing could prepare me for this. I’m pretty sure the place was overcapacity, and the frustrated security was struggling to hold people back. Singer and guitarist John Feldman couldn’t resist diving into the mob, and standing on the shoulders of unsuspecting audience members whilst continuing to play. However, my favourite moment was seeing the frontman throw down his instrument, punch some moron in the face, head straight back into the crowd, and have everyone storm the stage during ‘Mable’.

Green Day

The Milton Keynes Bowl ‘Bullet in a Bible’ performance was outstanding. I’d been a fan of the band for quite sometime, and if I’m honest, this was the last great achievement from the San Diego pop punkers. Even though I had been a little disappointed with American Idiot, I felt I should see it live before I made up my mind properly. And either way, I figured that even if they were shit, at least I got to see TBS and Jimmy Eat World.

Green Day’s performance was faultless in every aspect, and the gig didn’t lose any momentum for the full hour and a half. Playing a massive selection of songs spanning their entire career, it was the perfect way to remember them. Watching Billie Joe Armstrong stand alone on stage and sing ‘Good Riddance (Time of your Life)’ in front of 65,000 people, ending with a full-blown fireworks display, is something I will never forget. Just a shame they went a ruined it all with that shitty musical.

2 thoughts on “Eight Bands I’m Glad I’ve Seen Live Pt. 1

  1. I too have seen My Chem, and they were incredible. This post has liberated me from the dark cave of denial and i no longer feel embarrassed about my tweenage love affair with this band. Thank you Hairy Mouth.

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