Yearbook have had a hell of a year, and 2012 is already shaping up to be a cracker. The Hampshire four piece have been steadily building up a reputation for themselves with their energetic live performances and catchy songs. They  are here today to offer you another slice of their musical pie with the new single ‘Everything I Own’. I had a quick chat with Hamish and Andy ahead of the release to find out more about what they have been doing and where they are going.

Hello there.


Who are you and what do you do?

I am Hamish and I play the drums. I am Andy and I play the guitar and do the singing.

What have Yearbook been doing over the last 12 months?

H – Well, due to current circumstances our years tend to get pretty broken up, but this year we have played a bunch of shows, some pretty good ones, and some… less good ones. We recorded and are releasing ‘Everything I Own’. We also put a promo video out for that song which can be found on our youtube channel. We have had some cool recognition throughout the year which has been nice, and we have a couple of shows coming up over the holiday period.

Can you tell me a bit about the new single?

A – ‘Everything I Own’ was the first song we wrote once we were all back together for summer, having left the dusty libraries of university behind. Its a song about 1984, other people and never getting what you really want. We quite like it and you might too.

How and when will it be available?

A – Since we like giving things for free, we are too kind, we know, and we also like supporting new and interesting ways of doing that, we are putting the track up for free download through a cool new site It is available to download from there on Saturday the 19th of November.

Any plans for 2012?

H – 2012 is starting to look quite fun for us. We are releasing a brand new double A side single that we are in the process of finishing up. It will also be free but we are thinking of doing a cool bundle of extra multimedia goods which we are probably going to do for £1.00. If all goes to plan that single is out in January.
Other than that, we are spending the time now booking up shows, festivals etc etc and looking at supports on tours through out 2012.

Download ‘Everything I Own’ HERE

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