Dinosaur Shapes

Birmingham based Shapes have spent the past month on a joint headline tour with &U&I. At their rescheduled London date I had a quick chat to drummer Gavin about Tramlines and the Midlands. It didn’t take long for us to  move onto a more serious topic, dinosaurs.

Perhaps the greatest interview of my journalistic career so far, this exclusive insight gains you access to the drummers true feelings about our jurassic predecessors. “If I could be a dinosaur?”, he looks confused. “Yeah, just write it down on here” I explain, and hand him a note pad.

“I’d be a diplodocus cos it sounds like the most diplomatic of them.”

Go and see this band (and &U&I) before the tour ends and show some support. Not a word of a lie when I say they are good. In fact, they’re ruddy brilliant. And I’d also like to say a big thanks you to Gavin for not telling me to fuck off. Nice one chap!

Check them out here: weareshapes.bandcamp.com

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